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Great new software feature available

What is it?

A new software feature that allows players to sit out at all cash game tables at the same time when they want to take a break. Players will be able to finish their hands on all tables but will then be sat out across the board.

Apart from making sitting out of all cash games easier, this feature will also stop players from abusing our system by occupying vast amounts of tables in order to only play against certain opponents under specific conditions.

How does it work?

Whenever you opt to play multiple cash games you will be given a new choice in the table user interface. The toggle will only be visible if you multi-table cash games.

If “sit out all” is toggled ON then whenever you change the table status (sit back in or sit out) on one table, the change will replicate across all played cash games. If you sit out of one cash game, you will sit out of all cash games – but not before all ongoing hands at those tables have concluded.

While the toggle is ON, normal sit out rules apply and you’ll be able to remain away for 27 hands or twenty minutes – whichever comes first. After that you will be removed from the tables.

If toggle is OFF you remain able to manage cash game tables individually, but your ability to sit out of them individually will be limited. Once you sit out of one of your cash games you will only have fifteen seconds to sit back in before you’ll be removed from that table.

For more details, please visit the partypoker blog